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FX Risk Management, International Payments, Trade finance & Currency accounts


IGnite Accounting has partnered with Ebury to provide boutique foreign currency exchange services for our clients. Over the years, it has been apparent that international currency transactions have been difficult for our clients. Not just with timing the optimum transaction time,  but also with receiving to right support in managing, risk, currency spread and how to obtain optimum FX rates. The consequence of not getting this write can be costly.


In resolving these issues, we created IGnite Forex to complement our international tax planning and cross-border advice.

Our Services


  • Your own a personalised account manager who will discuss your needs, tailor solutions and put in place risk minimisation strategies to market volatility.

  • One cloud platform to manage all your forex transactions. Manage your currency trades any time.

  • Foreign currency deposit accounts. Collect payments internationally from any country. If you are an online seller, you can receive funds from approved online marketplaces.

  • Supplier payments in 150+ currencies from your currency account dashboard. From any country. Supplier payment reconciliation features.

  • 24 global offices.

  • Hedging solutions and target rate buy/sell triggers.

  • Trade finance solutions for business.

































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FX risk management


Create a currency risk strategy that’s right for you,  we get to know you and risk appetite to find cost effective FX and risk management solutions.

  • A strategy that suits you. Our range of FX and cash management solutions can be tailored to your company/personal structure and goals.

  • Dedicated relationship manager. Who will support and manage your finances, to ensure our solutions work the best for you.

Payment Collection


Discover an easy, fast & secure way to collect funds globally. Convert your balances from one currency to another or use them to make payments.

  • Collect in over 35 currencies.

  • Benefit from cross border and in country collections.

  • Simplify your business operations by collecting money globally without the need for multiple bank accounts or a local presence.

  • Easy & Secure. View the funds you’ve collected online. Repatriate funds at competitive FX rates and make payments quickly and securely.

  • Win customers - Gain a competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction by pricing and accepting payments in the currency your clients prefer.

  • Integrated Solution. Access our FX, financing and payment solutions to manage your finances and grow your business, with your own dedicated Relationship Manager.

  • Services well placed individuals needing to move large amounts of foreign currency. 


Online Portal

Everything you need in one place, We get to know you, your business, trade flows, investments and risk appetite to find cost effective FX and risk management solutions.

  • Convert money across currencies.

  • Manage your FX risk.

  • Finance your payables and receivables.

  • See your currency balances and statements.

  • View your account details for global collections.


Next Steps

Get started by either contacting our advisor hotline +61279087895 or begin by completing our online application form here.


Don’t forget that it can take up to 5 business days to be set up with IGnite forex, so get started early.

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