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Moving countries or holding investments in different countries to where one lives presents a number of issues that needs careful consideration.

Laws are consistently changing and international tax treaties continue to become more complex. Before making international financial decisions contact us.

Our services covered: 

  • How to exit a country and manage your assets.

  • Assessing your Tax Residency Status and advising trigger dates.

  • Testing tax treaty "Tie Breaker" provisions and advising personal tax implications.

  • Calculating tax treatment comparisons between countries. 

  • Assessing international inheritance assets and recommendations. 

  • Managing ATO Audits on your behalf around internationally sourced income.

  • Purchasing Assets overseas and planning effective tax strategies.

  • Assessing tax treatment on international pension scheme transfers to Australia.

  • Providing tax advice to international waters workers.

  • Providing foreign entity assessments as to Australian residency status.

  • Coordinating asset valuations for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) calculations.

This area of taxation is extremely complicated and guided by both Tax Office rulings on their views and also court cases. We draw on these areas to advise you on the best course of action and what we believe will mitigate your risks of tax exposure in the various jurisdictions. 

All tax treaties between countries are different from each other as they aim to address anomalies between the regions with regard to taxation. The treaties address who has taxing rights in what situations and introduces references to each local tax legislation with making self-assessment on tax treatment. 

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with tax law and their implications in many countries.  Here's a list of just some of the countries in which we have recent experience:

USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Channel Islands, France, Switzerland, Holland, Ireland, Germany, Dubai, South Africa, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Vanuatu, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Indonesia, Australians leaving Australia.

If you're not sure on your circumstances and need advice call us today to book a consultation!

Note: These regions represent the countries mainly seeking international Tax advice from us.

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