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Looking for a small professional accounting firm to help you with all your personal financial needs ? We are not here to just do your tax, nor would you want us to be.

At IGnite, our aim is simple, to be different to other accounting firms by providing innovative and strategic ideas with ongoing advice to maximise your tax refund, reduce your personal exposure to financial risk and help you build financial success now and into the future

Our extraordinary team can help you with: 

  • Fast & 100% Correct Tax Returns

  • Setting up a new Business

  • Reducing your Debt

  • Investing and Superannuation

  • Property evaluations for wealth

  • Getting into Financial Control​

  • Ideas to Increase Next Year’s Tax Refund

  • Buying a Business

  • Cheaper home and car loans

  • SMSF Setup and advice

  • Wills to keep your family wealth in your bloodline 

  • Knowing what to do now so you can have a prosperous financial future


Working with Ignite will mean a holistic approach to your finances.  All aspects of your financial story will be melded into one strategy to get you on a direct path to your financial goals.  You’ll benefit from co-ordinated advice and a team of advisors that understand your specific set of circumstances.  You see, it’s really important that your accountant and your financial planner, and anyone helping you organise a loan, leases or insurances, knows the big picture of your financial situation, because each affects the other.

For example, there are usually tax implications when buying or selling investments or assets, and there are risk management and accounting issues when getting loans and leases. And some insurances are tax deductible. When you use advisers in these areas from different firms or businesses, apart from the time and cost of organizing meetings between the advisers, you get less coordinated advice and a fragmented overall strategy. We do use financial planners from other firms for product advice but we stay across the whole strategy to ensure effective execution.


As a client of IGnite you’re supported by a team of professionals across accounting, tax, wealth advice, loans and leases, asset protection strategy and business advice.


If you’d like to come in for a chat to discuss your affairs, request an appointment at a time that suits you. If you’d like a bit more information, sign up for our newsletter and also spend some time on our site reading our blog to get a feel for how we help our clients become financially organised and build and protect their wealth.

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