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Why talk to your Accountant about Home & Investment Property Loans or Business Finance ?


Let's be clear, we are not mortgage brokers, and we cannot provide product selection advice, but we can provide invaluable input into the process.


As your Accountant, we understand your financial position, and we can provide strategic, tailored advice to help you achieve your financial goals.


We’re experts in tax structures –  we can ensure that your loan is set up in the right way to maximize any tax deductions if available. (Banks and loan brokers cannot advise you on tax and investment strategies as we can!). 

Our finance services include loan application packs, whether a business or individual; let us prepare all the required documentation for you. Then provide this information with your loan application to the selected lender. 


Whether you are seeking finance to fund the purchase of your new home or investment property, or if you are seeking to refinance your existing loan and possibly consolidate existing debts, we can help you assess affordability and financial assessments around tax minimization and, in turn, supporting your wealth creation goals. 


11 Ways our Loan Advice can protect your assets and also Save you Lots of Money!

  • We’ll assist you with assessing the savings a lower interest rate will deliver. Even a 1.0% lower rate on a loan of $1,000,000 could save you over $200,000 over the life of a 30-year loan! Imagine that – one phone call to us could save you over $200,000. Ongoing annual reviews can be conducted to keep you on track with taking advantage of how your manage loan repayments.

  • We’ll work with you to consolidate your credit cards and other higher interest loans into one low-interest loan secured on your home. Your monthly repayments will be lower, and your interest will be much lower.

  • Some loans give you Qantas Points based on the amount of the loan and your monthly repayments. Free flights for simply paying off your loan & the next family holiday flights paid for?

  • We’ll optimize your loans by reviewing if you can use a “split loan” to keep non-tax-deductible debt separate from taxing deductible debt – and then coming up with a plan for you to pay off the non-tax deductible debt much faster. Nothing like saving on tax!

  • Would you like to use the equity in your home to invest in other properties or shares? We’ll show you the secrets to getting your loans structured in the right way to maximize your future tax claims on investment properties, especially if you want to move to a new house and keep your existing house as an investment property.

  • As part of the loan finance service, we will advise you on utilizing trust structures (if appropriate) to minimize risk and show you how to leverage reduced tax rates on lower-income earnings in the family group.

  • We'll give you advice on how to best allocate your debt across investments, help you identify which property is best suited as your principal place of residence for tax purposes and help you plan to minimize any Capital Gain Tax (CGT) exposure.

  • We will assess if you are best optimized with claiming all the relevant tax deductions and provide you with an action list of areas needing refinement. Like if you need a depreciation schedule or even think your existing schedule is missing items and should be revised.

  • We can also discuss short- and long-term investment strategies with you; we believe that long-term investment plans should be held in Superannuation, including property investments. While in pension phase of retirement, CGT on a sale of an investment property is tax-exempt; investment income over this age is tax-exempt (Subject to the pension caps). Ask us how!

  • We can review your motor vehicle finance, and if you are purchasing for your business, we will make sure you are registered for GST and in a position to receive the 10% back within three months after your purchase the car. This could pay for six months of your car loan repayments! 

  • Lastly, we are not just Accountants and Tax Agents. We are also investment advisors who can assist you with short and long term investment strategies. 


Can you afford not to talk to us about these 11 key areas to save you money, tax and reduce risk around your valuable assets?


Talk to us TODAY about finding the right solution for you!

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