Our Business Model

IGnite is a small practice on Sydney's Northern Beaches servicing individuals and small business up to approximately a turnover of $25m.

Established by Brad Cowley a CPA with 20 years of corporate accounting experience in a number of CFO positions, decided to bring his skills to private practice and help smaller business achieve financial success.

The philosophy of Ignite is around passion and ideas that really make a difference and it is this that makes this accounting service different and refreshing.

At the center of our service strategy is our belief that financial services should be a single activity across Accounting, Bookkeeping, Taxation, Mortgage Finance and Financial Planning. By centrally managing these functions for you we ensure you get a well coordinated and executed financial outcome.

Lastly our focus is around helping you achieve your wealth creation goals. Weather through tax savings, cost savings, reduced debt costs,  asset protection, business coaching or sound investment planning we will work on wealth creation at the centre of any strategy or work we perform on your behalf.

Our Commitment To You

We’re proud of our commitment to you – no-one else gives you this in the accounting industry!

Response Guarantee

We guarantee we will respond to your phone or email queries within 48 hours – same day if possible.

Happiness Guarantee

We give you a 100% “Happiness Guarantee”. We will always ask you after every job / work / project if you are 100% happy with what we have done. If not, we’ll immediately fix things. Guaranteed!

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments are great. No big annual bill for you. No one likes nasty surprise bills. Going monthly just makes sense and it’s a great way to help with your cashflow, and your sanity.