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The right real estate agent can be a great asset when getting into Property Investment

Tips for buying an investment property

Building a property portfolio has replaced the great Australian dream of owning the classic family home on a quarter-acre block. At least to the 1.7 million Australians who currently own one or more investment properties.

Take a long term view

When investing in property you are ultimately buying for capital growth, and this is best achieved by investing for 10 years or more.

Tapping into your equity

You don’t have to sell properties to get money out of them. You can borrow money against the equity to purchase an additional one.

Find the right location

Capital cities usually see the highest rate of growth in property. Regional areas and small towns often don’t have the rental demand to support a high rate of growth.

What type of property

Demographics have also changed and we’re now living differently. 30 percent of Australians are now living on their own. So in the future we will need more dwellings to house the same number of people, and that will be in apartments and townhouses.

Keep your property portfolio up to date with it’s market value

It's important to have regular updates for the value of your portfolio in changing markets, such as the one we are experiencing right now.

To organise a free appraisal contact and list your details to organise your market value report.

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